We have several special programs here at EECC that are designed to provide fun and educational learning opportunities for the children in our care. There are several special programs that come to Epiphany both weekly and monthly.



Once a week, Ms. Jenny Lotz joins us for age individualized musical instruction. The children learn to sing, are given the opportunity to play a wide variety of instruments, and are taught technical musical terms. You can learn more about Ms. Jenny and her program at: http://www.preschoolmusicadventures.com/index.php.


One of our very own teachers, Ms. Felipa Chavez, provides our classrooms with a full Spanish-speaking immersion experience!

Creature Teacher

Every third Thursday, we get to enjoy a chance to meet and learn about some of God's amazing creatures! The Creature Teacher, Ms. Karen Finch. She and her animal ambassadors come to teach the children about a wide variety of animals and give them a chance to meet them face-to-face. You can learn more about Creature Teacher at: http://www.creatureteacher.org/#!


Ms. Kimberly from Kids-in-Motion helps our children develop their dance, balance, and tumbling skills, all while relieving their excess energy. Kids-in-Motion is provided through In Motion Dance Center during the months of April and May.


Once a month the Forsyth County Bookmobile comes to EECC to give the teachers the opportunity to browse their children's collection and supplement their libraries with new books. The teachers can check out books, cds, and storytelling kits and can keep them for a month, until the Bookmobile comes the next month. It is a cool opportunity and you can learn more about the Bookmobile at: http://www.forsyth.cc/Library/childrens_outreach.aspx